Our Story

Le (pronounced el – ee) was born in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. Le (Le Pieces) features a variety of traditional and not so traditional home accents and accessories manifesting California’s rich, feelgood lifestyle.

Le was created to be a home to those seeking a unique mix of home statement pieces. Our pieces range from urban modern to bohemian to modern contemporary. Let’s just say, we have a piece for any style! We hand-pick and create every piece with YOU in mind. Individuality and creativity are two things we’re big on and we want our pieces to reflect this. Le is more than just a home goods boutique. Le is a home for all home goods/decor enthusiasts!

There is one more thing you should know about Le – We love social media! We encourage you to follow along with us on our accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Follow us at @le_pieces.

WARNING: By following us on social media, you may be subject to: amazing discounts, special sneak peeks, giveaways, tips and more!

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